a snow story

Allie was out building a snowman and called me to go see it….. so Biskit and I go out front to get a look…

And find an adorable little snowman with pecan eyes and an icicle nose


Biskit LOVES pecans. She plays with them and chases them and eats them.
And is now wondering why two lovely pecans are stuck in this thing.


So she snatches the poor snowman’s eye.


And that makes Biskit very very happy. So happy she runs and romps holding the treasured pecan delicately in her jaws.


Did I mention how very much she loves playing with the pecans? She runs some more


Until mean old Allie recues the pecan from certain death…


… and restores Mr snowman to his previous dual-eyed glory.


She had pressed the little pecan so far into Mr Snowman’s eye socket he can see out the back of his head…. And Biskit can’t get the pecan back out.


…. But Snowmen have 2 eyes…. Or at least HAD. She grabs the OTHER eyeball and runs…


… but not around happily. Instead she immediately chomps down the pecan, all the while keeping an eye on Allie in case she has any bright ideas about saving THIS one…


And by now I’m laughing too hard to take any more pictures.

The end.

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