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Leadership is hard work, so it is taking hits for his team’s backup when they are wrong, or when they are in the cross hairs of those who wish them ill. Of course, it’s easy to simply take the advice of Machiavelli “The Prince” and sacrifice the general to save face, but in the end to reduce the team and the other generals seem hesitant to make decisions. It also destroys the hard-earned capital organization. This is a real catch-22.

To mitigate the persnickety “peanut gallery” and the media, or stand behind your team and your generals through thick and thin – like I said, it’s not easy to maintain. Ok, so let’s talk about the example here, a case study, if you will. You see, Washington Technology Online Magazine recently ran a piece titled “GSA chief’s resignation awakens sympathy, hope for reform,” David Hubler and Alysha sideman released third April 2012 which stated;

“Johnson has resigned along with two senior assistant inspector general’s after the release of a report detailing close to $ 1 million in lavish spending GSA employees in the 2010 Western Region Conference in Las Vegas, including a contractor breaking the rules – in the current fiscal environment and the current political environment, this is a time when government agencies like the GSA to the agency that can deliver efficiency in the collection and can enhance its role as a central purchasing organization and demonstrate its value to the rest of the country. “

Well, I would say that we must be careful not to let knee-jerk reactions based on media events, social networks, or criticisms of the week in order to undermine the government. These things happen in the army and we hang out to dry captains, commanders and move great Americans because the media ran with the story and went out of proportion. If we allow such things to happen, no one will feel safe and backed-up, now what is happening in our schools, too, with no backup administrators to teachers during a disciplinary event.

Having lost confidence in the chain of command breaks down. This is one of the challenges the populist style of leadership motif. Making examples of people every time the media drums up controversy – well, it happens every day, therefore, no one is safe, it only causes people to fear for anything, it is no way to run government, business, or any organization.

When people are afraid to make decisions for fear that it could be the next head on a platter or a sacrificial lamb – nothing gets done and hesitation can be problematic dilemma of state bureaucrats, just as it can break the fluidity of command and control of Prince’s army. Okay so, please consider all this and think of him.
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